Lines & Faces


Lines & Faces is a publishing company that has produced fine art broadsides for 40 years in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Lines & Faces has featured primarily the work of printmaker and painter Robert Woods and poet and short story writer Alan Bern who grew up together in Berkeley in the 1960s.  Both Woods and Bern became commercial printers, but also continued to produce works that combined Woods's prints and Bern's writing as well as the writing of other poets, such as Robert Hass and John Anson.  


Robert and Alan working on their press


Alan Bern

Alan Bern is a poet and has two books published by Fithian Press: No no the saddest (2004) and Waterwalking in Berkeley (2007). His third book, greater distance and other poems, with design and illustrations by Robert Woods, was released by Lines & Faces in 2015. Alan is also a performer working with the dancer, Lucinda Weaver, as PACES: dance and poetry fit to the space. Alan works as a Children's Librarian for the Berkeley Public Library. He has worked in public libraries in the East Bay Area for over 20 years in a variety of positions. He lives with his wife, Alice, in Berkeley, California.

Robert Woods

Robert Woods worked as a printer for over thirty years at Madison Street Press in Oakland, California. Robert trained as both a fine artist and craftsman at U.C. Santa Barbara and with a number of practicing artists. He is a painter, sculptor, wood engraver and printmaker.